Cloud Gate


Well, here it is! The magic bean also known as Cloud Gate. I remember when they built this thing. Everyone I heard from who lives in Chicago said it was one of the stupidest things they ever put in Chicago. My beloved South Siders have a point. Lord knows how much it cost to build and it’s free to go see, so the tax payers don’t really profit or care for it. As far as “ART” goes…I dunno. It’s a giant mirror in the shape of a bean. It was a bit chilly the day I went to go see it and I was by myself so I don’t even have an artsy fartsy picture of me in the reflection. I walked the perimeter of it and underneath it as well, that part was cool. I did like it and it’s worth a trip only if you’re downtown already. And, as it turns out, the ice rink is right below it! I’ll go back over the summer but if I’m there again in the winter I will bring my skates!





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