Cloud Gate


Well, here it is! The magic bean also known as Cloud Gate. I remember when they built this thing. Everyone I heard from who lives in Chicago said it was one of the stupidest things they ever put in Chicago. My beloved South Siders have a point. Lord knows how much it cost to build and it’s free to go see, so the tax payers don’t really profit or care for it. As far as “ART” goes…I dunno. It’s a giant mirror in the shape of a bean. It was a bit chilly the day I went to go see it and I was by myself so I don’t even have an artsy fartsy picture of me in the reflection. I walked the perimeter of it and underneath it as well, that part was cool. I did like it and it’s worth a trip only if you’re downtown already. And, as it turns out, the ice rink is right below it! I’ll go back over the summer but if I’m there again in the winter I will bring my skates!





Art Institute of Chicago

What a beautiful museum! I can’t believe I grew up here and never once went there. Personally, I’m not a big fan of modern art. Maybe that’s why I never went before…I just don’t see the beauty in paint splatter or twisted metal, but thankfully this museum had more.

Loved the sculptures from India, China and the Greco-Roman exhibits! Paperweights were strange but cool and I was fascinated by the tiny rooms of the French and British homes. I did get lost in this place trying to find the bridge to the magic bean. Because of this, I wound up seeing most of the place. I managed to squeeze in a few visual moments of the paintings of American Gothic, Water Lily Ponds and even Afternoon in the Park. Very cool because of their history and value but otherwise they tell me nothing of the times they were painted in.

The bridge, by the way, is located on the third floor but its accessed through the first floor coat check room then an elevator to the third floor. Once there it’s a nice walk down to Millennium Park and Cloud Gate/Bean.




Airline Travel

Hello from the fifth ring of hell! I’m stand in the not so “Fast Bag Drop” line at Spirit Airlines. Never go budget, it blows. I’m forever grateful for my little weekend getaway but this just starts things off on the wrong note. Boarding has begun but I’m still in line.

Now I’m in the TSA line. They made me check my own bag. Lazy bastards. Southwest out of Midway has the beautiful conveyer belt behind the desks. I figured out why people don’t dress up to fly anymore. It’s because they treat us like cattle lining up for slaughter. I swear, this is the last budget flight I’m ever taking.

This is in no way a dig at the flight crew. They were pleasant and somewhat professional. A wise cracking stewardess is a bit off putting at 8:30 in the morning. Oh, yes I said stewardess. What of it? There were no stewards on my flight, just stewardesses.

As much as I loathe LaGuardia and it’s decades old interior and exterior decor, I do wish for the idea of the 60’s. High flying fashion. Now that would be a real trip!


Happy 2013!

Well, it’s the new year and it feels just the same as yesterday. One of my resolutions was to get started on this blog. I’ve started and lost interest in many blogs on many subjects but this one I will forge through the lull. I’m getting ready for my mini trip home to Chicago. I wasn’t home for Christmas or even Christmas time but it’s home. This is where I ground myself and recharge my batteries. So, these few days I will be cleaning the house and figuring out how I’m going to pack a weekend’s worth of stuff in a duffle bag. I’m flying uber budget from La Guardia to O’Hare and I think I even have to pay for a checked bag. Time to get moving…